Workshops with Jo

Jo teaches with her husband, Mike, to ensure all students receive the attention they need.


MARCH 22 @12:30pm

"Let's Get Upside Down"

a inversion workshop

Radiance Yoga
1612 West Lewis St.
San Diego

European Workshop - TBA

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There are so many aspects of Jo's workshop in Portugal to recommend --- the camaraderie, the wonderful classes, the great food and beautiful setting to name just a few. But I think I had two experiences as a result of the workshop that I want to share ... more
Sarah Eberst

"I met a fantastic yoga teacher the first time I tried. I got so lucky.  Jo Zukovich possesses extraordinary knowledge. She is thoughtful,  considerate, supportive, intuitive, and empathic. She met me person-to-person, eye-to-eye.
She made me feel - in my bones - that I belonged." 
Matthew Sanford